Satisfied customers & Teamspeak Voice reviews.

"We've tried so many different Teamspeak servers for our clan, but connection problems and slow speed convinced us to switch. We now use a 30 slot high quality Teamspeak Voice server, and our server is running 24/7! You are great!"
Racoon - Clanleader OC Gaming

"Friendly, fair and reliable. If we have any questions about our Teamspeak server, we receive support within minutes! The service is amazing, we would never go back!"
R. Tichler - EDV-Administrator Gruber GmbH

"Our Teamspeak server is always full! We never experience any down time, which is awesome for our clan wars!"
E. Silver - Clan & Player Managemen Organisation

"We used to have a communications solution in place for operations
    in Italy and Germany, but Teamspeak Voice inspires our employees
    every day. Our team can communicate and handle project work without
    constantly needing a phone in their hands. The large phone bill is
    also a thing of the past." M. Spirielli -  ITF AG project management

"Teamspeak Voice complements our new community platform and has been
    well received by our users. What was once only known in the online
    gaming world, has now replaced our chat forum! Our users want
    quality and Teamspeak Voice provides it!". S. Berger - Community manager